On Planning

September 18, 2012Alex Guerra

This is the best advice for anything ever. The internet is an endless vortex of information relevant to anything you could ever possibly want to learn or know or do, and people are naturally inclined to go on an absorption spree before they take the first step out the door. They want to be well informed. It's only natural.

They want to make sure that their workout routine is as perfect as it can be. They buy protein shakes and creatine supplements and set up a very specific regimen with a very specific diet and small windows where they will intake very specific macro ratios before they ever pick up a weight. They want to make sure their business plan is absolutely impeccable before they tell a single soul. They want to be masters of their entire software stack from top to bottom and have a perfect architecture and design before they write a line of code. And they want to have every tool and plugin available before they start making music.

But the great secret is that none of that shit matters. You hit a wall of diminishing returns extremely quickly. You write off time that you should be putting to practice as "constructive" even though it's only tangentially related to what you're doing, even though, right now, your time is better spent sitting at a monitor in a dark room and fucking around. The breadth and depth of the world is massive and it's completely naive to think you can invest your internet hours and grasp everything in it without ever taking a dip into the muck.

Planning has its place, but greatness takes practice. It takes hard work. It takes getting dirty. Write some code.