OkCreeper Angular-ized

August 29, 2013Alex Guerra

Yesterday I had some free time and decided to find out what all the angular js hype was about. Today I'm deploying a newly-angularized and seriously improved OkCreeper with a couple of new features that people had been emailing me for. Among the changes are..

  • json api endpoint available at /creep/<username>.json
  • ability to link to specific profiles at /#/<username>
  • better question fetching system + question search
  • questions now show explanations if available
  • app now runs off an account graciously provided by /u/duckbillphil that has all questions answered, which means you should be able to see all answers
  • app now uses lxml as the parser for beautifulsoup
  • reduced number of requests made by about 25%
  • most static assets moved onto s3
  • moved everything on projects.heyimalex.com from an ec2 micro to an m1.small so traffic surges shouldn't take it down quite as easily

Try not to go too crazy with all that. I'm in the process of rewriting an api library for okcupid in python and it'd be cool if you used that instead of my online api, but as long as you're not taking the server down I don't really care. Keep in mind that every request made generates about 3 to okcupid on the backend, and the number one reason okcreeper goes down is because it's IP banned by okc.

Site should be live now. Hope you enjoy the changes and, as always, email me if you find any issues.